Collecting Tintypes

Here are a few Tintypes from my personal collection. I became fascinated with Tintypes in 1975 and have collected them since then. One can’t own everything (and should probably avoid trying), so I limited my collection to images that typified the American lifestyle of the period. In fact the length of time Tintypes were made (1856-after 1920s) exceeds all other techniques except perhaps the stereoview, which evolved along with the popular techniques of each period.

I find the group portrait to be the best vehicle to present the American society. Especially interesting are the ways the subjects related to each other and how they presented themselves to the photographer, and through his camera, to the viewer. Consequently, I have few images without people or showing individuals. Shown here are mostly Carte de Visite size images because my 1/4, 1/2,1/1 and oversized plates are in Los Angeles. Next trip out I’ll add some of the best larger sizes.

As a final note I am still collecting actively and if anyone has Tintypes for sale or trade, one or many, like the images on these pages please, please contact me.

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Scenes of Americaoxen

“Let’s get Our Pitchur Took”wagonlrg

Everybody Gotta Work farmers 

AffectionComfy ? ca. 1875

Female Funfall

Male Madness tub

Northern Light Gallery

Northern Light Gallery